About Our Knitwear

For our Signature Knitwear Collection, we proudly partner with PT Denindo Mitraglobal, a full fledge knitting manufacturer in Jakarta, Indonesia, that has been offering knitting production for international brands worldwide for more than two decades.

Traditional Knitting Method

PT Denindo Mitraglobal specializes in using traditional/manual knitting method for more than twenty years due to its rich history behind the whole process, the character and craft that makes each piece unique.

The industry is largely labor intensive because their method involves the traditional way of knitting sweaters by manually operating flat knitting machines from cones of yarn.

Ethical Working Standard

All the staff and workers have a minimum of 20 years of experience and follows international standards of quality control and production. PT Denindo Mitraglobal puts workers' wellbeing on high priority by paying fair wages and benefits, an ethical work commitment that we here at Lanivatti pledge in.

Sustainable Material

The Signature Knit is committed to Lanivatti’s pledge to the earth by sourcing mostly sustainable material and minimize production waste, hence we only use 100% cotton for our knitwear. PT Denindo Mitraglobal's method of production minimizes wastage because the usage of yarn has been calculated to fit each knit, and only produce made-to-order stocks to reduce the wastage material. Every piece is made to last because we only use quality material.