With most things in society that require change, we need a shift in mindset. We see daily reports on how the planet is in huge danger from climate change, including the species that inhabit it.

We know that the fashion industry is huge part of the problem and we strive to keep improving our business practices and share what we’ve learned. But we recognize that this is not enough. We seek not only to do less harm, but more good.

We believe that fashion can be stylish and accessible to a consumer, without exploiting humans nor our earth in the process.

Here in LANIVATTI we make a long-term commitment to more eco-friendly practices; to minimize harm to our planet in every part of the journey, in every step that we take. We strive to constantly evaluate our environmental responsibilities and always aim for continuous improvement across our entire production and operations.

Our first initiatives include using sustainable materials that minimize environmental impacts, minimizing the number of plastic & metal components that go into our clothing, introducing manufacturing techniques to reduce its carbon footprint, and taking great care in the selection of our tier 1-4 suppliers. Safe working conditions, fair wages, sustainable livelihoods and waste management standards is a forefront priority throughout our supply chains.

We strive to implement the full lifecycle approach: from the fibers, to the dyes and finishes, to ethics during the production process, to repairs and waste at the end of the cycle – and the list goes on.

We take a mindful and slow approach to design, producing only what is needed. We don’t just create collections of clothing to fill your wardrobe space. We aim to build garments you'll want to wear for years to come with quality that ensures you can - the aim of the game is to avoid landfill, not add to it.
We design each piece with one goal in mind: for that piece to be your favorite, and for it to last a lifetime.
We commit to source our materials with sustainability top-of-mind, while staying true to the premium quality, comfort and wearing ease. We make over 70% of our garments from fabrics with sustainable benefits, either because of their minimal impact on the environment in production, or their longevity of wear.

Read more about our Fibers here.
We have an in-house design team of designers, pattern makers, production and development team. We design, cut and sew the garments 100% within the country to keep carbon emission low; and also to ensure the clothing is made with the highest standards for worker pay, safety and respect. It's core to who we are as a brand.

We make sustainability within our operations a core standard, not just a one-time, trendy option. But this journey is a complex, continuous process that requires meticulous discipline thus there are always rooms for improvements. We are excited to develop and set new goals every year to refine the way we do things and be more responsible for the planet.

Our Sustainability Roadmap

In 2021, we plan to research and implement recycled fabric in our collection, produce better packaging, integrating full-circular practices into the lifecycle of our clothes and especially on finding ways to empower our workers. In our sustainability core values, we aim to set our bar as high as possible.

Our Design Process

When it comes to sustainable fashion, quality is key. In complete contrast to fast fashion, clothes need to be built for longer life spans; to last wear after wear, wash after wash, season after season. Meticulous research, product development and quality inspection are non-compromised. Find out why it takes over a year to develop our collection from sketch to the final garment.


It’s mandatory for us to work with partners and suppliers who abide by the non-compromised, ethical strict code of conduct (health and safety, paying above the legal wage, fair working hours, voluntary overtime always being compensated at premium rate, never any child labour) and share our commitment to sustainability and preservation of the environment. We ask our suppliers to choose leading technologies that reduce the environmental impacts that their manufacturing has on the environment.
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