Well-made, versatile clothing that blended style with function

Lanivatti believes in modern classic, refined quality pieces that forgo trend for timeless elegance. We release capsule collections that each focuses on a new destination and its culture, embodies the spirit of freedom sparked by the vintage eras, fused with new forms of sophistication. Lanivatti signature style taps into your sense of nostalgia, recalls faraway adventures and reconcile your love of the wild.

All our garments are proudly designed and sampled in Jakarta, and produced ethically in Java and Bali, Indonesia




Lanivatti was founded in 2019 by Indonesian Photographer Nicoline Patricia Malina. Nicoline’s background in fashion design studies led her to nomination of the prestigious Festival International des Jeunes Créateurs de Mode in Paris many years before pursuing her next passion into a full time fashion photographer and traveler.

Nicoline's job as a photographer requires her to travel a lot. She virtually lived in airports and has travelled over 100.000 kilometres a year. Lanivatti was born as the answer to her needs of comfortable, durable and ethical travel apparel and equipments without sacrificing style, humans, or the earth.

When Nicoline designed our first pieces, she looked back to her experience of the kind of outfits she wished she had on those travel days. Garments that ideally should be comfortable enough to withstand any travel conditions, durable enough to last for a lifetime, stylish and timeless enough to wear for years to come. Just like the her first year of fashion designing many years ago, she pairs with her talented mother Fransisca, who has been in the dressmaking business for decades, to make the concept of Lanivatti a reality. Together they collaborate to set an example for a better choice; to be able to love fashion and make beautiful things while maintaining human and environmental integrity.

Our Design and Development Process