Lanivatti & Sustainability

With most things in society that require change, we need a shift in mindset. We see daily reports on how the planet is in huge danger from climate change, including the species that inhabit it.

Lanivatti recognizes that the fashion industry plays huge part of the problem thus we strive to keep improving our business practices and share what we’ve learned. But we recognize that this is not enough. We seek not only to do less harm, but more good.

We make a long-term commitment to more eco-friendly practices; to minimize harm to our planet in every part of the journey, in every step that we take. We strive to constantly evaluate our environmental responsibilities and always aim for continuous improvement across our entire production and operations.


We believe that fashion can be stylish and accessible to a consumer, without exploiting workers or the environment in the process. We want you to feel good about the clothing hanging in your closet because they’re made by an ethical sewing studio. We design, cut and sew the garments 100% locally and employ our seamstresses directly, ensuring the clothing is made with the highest standards for worker pay, safety and respect. It's core to who we are as a brand.

Together with your support, we’re reviving the apparel industry in Indonesia - bringing back the craft of apparel construction, creating jobs, and lowering the carbon footprint of fashion by producing our clothing here. We also take great care in the selection of our supplier, keeping safe working conditions, ethical practises and waste management standards a forefront priority.


We commit to source our materials with sustainability top-of-mind. We make over 70% of our garments from fabrics with sustainable benefits, either because of their minimal impact on the environment in production, or their longevity of wear. We test each fabric so it would endure through years of washing and wearing without pilling, shrinking and stretching out of shape.

Read more about our fibers here.


We strive to use 98% of our materials and recycle any remnants in order to keep our waste to a minimum. We ensure all end of roll fabrics and excess fabric cuttings from production are kept, and we re-use them for sampling or production.

Our limited production quantity means that we can reduce wasteful extra manufacturing and ensure that each piece is thoughtfully made. We strive to implement the full lifecycle approach: from the fibers, to the dyes and finishes, to ethics during the production process, to repairs and waste at the end of the cycle – and the list goes on.

We make sustainability within our operations a core standard, not just a one-time, trendy option or worse, misleading branding. But this journey is a complex, continuous process that requires meticulous discipline, and there are always rooms for improvements. We are excited to develop and set new goals every year to refine the way we do things and be more responsible for the planet.